“I feel like I didn’t have to get out of the closet with my family because my mom knew who I was since I was a kid. She always asked me if I liked girls, I would say, yes and I also like boys too. I don’t see gender, I’m attracted to the soul rather than their sexual orientation. I don’t care if is a woman or a man. I’ve always thought I was bisexual because I never looked at gender. But now, I define myself as pansexual”.

-Josue, Los Angeles, CA

" I was asked to bring along some clothes or accessories that best describes my story. I of course,  had to take something that I had very well made with my own creativity. I as an artist I don't do art to look edgy or cool, I do it for the love and admiration of the whole creative process wondering how a certain material will react to another, or maybe how I can say something that I can't quite put to words. It was through my art that I found myself and am the person I am today." 

-Salvador, Los Angeles, CA

How do you feel now during your transition? 

 "I feel visible ... I'm finally me! I have confidence in myself, I feel strong and powerful- to say, I can do this, and will. 

There are time I get depressed but I look in the mirror and say, that's me! This strong and beautiful woman is me, and I like her and she makes me happy. "

Como te sientes ahora durante tu transición? 

“Me siento visible.. soy finalmente yo! Me siento más segura de mi misma. Tengo confianza en mi, me siento fuerte y poderosa. De decir, yo puedo y lo haré.  En ocaciones me deprimo, pero me veo en el espejo y digo, esa soy yo. Esta mujer soy yo, y me gusto y me hace feliz."

-Edel, Seattle WA. 

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